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Cultural Mindset

Culture is defined as shared values that are specific to a group of people. Culture is made up of beliefs and values that shape individuals’ morality, manner, and norms. Culture can influence an individual by teaching them what is right from wrong, and how to be an adult (rite of passage). Culture also emphasizes values which are core principles taught to individuals on respect, honesty, and kindness, and humility (Butler et al., 2016).

Nevertheless, I took the cultural mindset assessment with this understanding in mind, by which I scored a 55 out of 60 which indicates a strong cultural mindset. I believe that culture is a major key element in how people are raised, act, behave and think. The majority of my actions and thought processes and solutions are based on my cultural background, and I can see how different my actions and behaviors vary compare to my peers in America. Nevertheless, I believe that this assessment is a good factor that can assist people in working with dissimilar communities.

Firstly, the assessment will allow others to see how they actually view those who are different from them and whether they show respect towards other cultures rather than force assimilating thoughts and processes onto them rather than accept them and work together respectfully.

I also believe this assessment can teach others about the importance of cultural competencies, which is important to public health because it helps to reduce health disparities by training public health professionals about knowledge and attitudes towards diversity and educate them on reducing stereotyping and stigmatization (Butler et al., 2016).


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