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  1. In your textbook, Professional Nursing: Concepts and Challenges, review the section on developing a personal philosophy of nursing in Chapter 8, “Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations.”
  2. Review the discussions in Workshop 1.3 and Workshop 2.2 and consider the nursing theories that were described. Which of those theories correlate with your ideas about nursing?
  3. Review articles from the internet and from OCLS including resources mentioned within this course.
  4. Write a 3-4 page paper using APA format that addresses the following areas:
    1. What does the profession of nursing mean to you?
    2. How did your view of nursing affect your decision to become a nurse?
    3. In order to live out your philosophy as a nurse, how must you care for your patients and their families?
    4. Has your philosophy of nursing changed since you began working as a nurse?
    5. As nurses, what is the role of the nurse in our healthcare system today? What is our responsibility when we come into contact with individuals who have no source of primary care, who need health education, or who are in need of holistic care that includes spiritual and socioculturally appropriate care.
    6. What ethical principles and theories support that idea?
  5. In the paper you need to clearly discuss how two or more of the nursing theories reviewed in Workshop Two is congruent with your personal philosophy of nursing and describe your thoughts about the essence of nursing
  6. A minimum of four scholarly resources to support your thoughts about the profession and the practice of nursing must be cited within your paper
  7. This paper is to be written in FIRST person.
  8. Proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and APA errors.


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