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Attaching my past assignments and Status Report Template from BOF below and please follow rubrics and NO Plagiarism


1. Assignment Background and Description

In order to complete this assignment successfully, you need to demonstrate an ability to monitor and control your capstone project. This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. This assignment is a group assignment, so you will work with the other members of your project team to monitor and control change in your project, along with creating a status report for your project.

2. Assignment Scope Your project plan execution needs to allow for the assessment of the learning outcomes in section 4 of the course outline. Below is a list of the learning outcomes to be assessed in this assignment. It is assumed that all projects are at the 50% completion point.

4.1 Demonstrate how to effectively and efficiently monitor and control the project work

4.2 Perform integrated change controls

3. High-Level Requirements

From the list of learning outcomes above, the items listed in table 4-1 of the PMBOK (pg. 89), your existing resources from previous assignments, along with any organizational process assets at your disposal, create the following:

? Create project status reports (4.2 Book oF forms)

o Include an Earned Value Analysis report (BoF 4.4) at the 55% mark of your project schedule

o Include an Earned Value Analysis report (BoF 4.4) at the 75% mark of your project schedule

4. Deliverables

An updated project management plan in MS Word format that includes a MS Project file, and all of the items in the high level requirements. This assignment is due on Oct 15th, 2021

5. Organizational Process Assets


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