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Watch the documentary: Sour Strawberries: Japan’s Hidden “Guest” Workers (2008)

This film consists of three chapters: 1. Nikkeijin Workers; 2. Debito Arudo in Shinjuku & Ultranationalist Rallies; 3. Union Activist Torii and Three Chinese Trainee workers

1. Based on the experiences of Nikkeijin workers (Peruvian & Bolivian workers), how are they seen or how they see Japan or Japanese people? How are Nikkeijin workers treated in contrast to Japanese people and other foreign workers?

2. Debito Arudo (a Japanese citizen) walks through Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku and sees the sign of “Japanese Only.” He challenges a manager of a night club in front of the sign. What is it going on here? Explain it concisely.

3. What were three Chinese “trainees” working conditions at a strawberry farm? What were their experiences?

4. What are the various Japanese views or attitudes toward foreign workers? E.g., Kono Taro ’s (former Vice-minister of Justice and Lower House representative), Inoue Hiroshi’s (director of International Affairs of the Japanese Business Federation), Upper House counselor, Marutel Tsurune (DPJ)’s view toward Japan, Ultra-nationalists, the Japanese union activist Torii Ippei, the Japanese employer at Narita Airport, and the Police (airport)


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