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Learning Objectives:

1. Apply key skills in preparing well-edited, (work-related) memos, business email, reports, application letters, business letters, essays and research project with language structures appropriate to professional and industry settings.

2. Analyse key concepts and language skills appropriate for a research, essay, self-directed learning tasks and in preparation for an integrated research project.

3. Evaluate the use of language at Advanced level in order to present complex arguments, presentation and write business correspondence about general and PE-related topics.

4. Practice consciously generic skills and graduate attributes (teamwork, cooperation, respect for others, work ethic) that can be applied in or transferred to a variety of contexts (present career, job change, promotion).

Instructions for the assignments:

1. Work collaboratively in pairs.

2. Identify a realistic industrial problem.

3. Prepare a Case Study: Problem – Oriented Method.

4. Prepare for a presentation. (After submission)

5. The Case Study should follow the following stages:

I. Synopsis/Executive Summary

II. Findings and Discussion

III. Analysis of the Problem and Solutions

IV. Conclusion

V. Implementation

VI. References

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded sample file.


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