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Only need to choose one prompts to write.

The country I choose is : South Africa

Need to add three images or graphs to help support this paper.

Word count at least 450

Please choose ONE of the following prompts to address in your weekly assignment.

Prompt 1

While the presentation of economic sectors was simplistic, most economies have some blend of the four sectors. Chose one or two countries in your region and focus on their economic development. What are their primary exports? Natural resources? Industrial goods? Services? Research? What can these tell you about the level of economic development in that country? What are barriers (if any) to further economic development, according to opinion-writers and politicians?

Do NOT just list the economic indicators. Talk about how these economic sectors were shaped by the availability of natural resources, policies, or international trade.

Prompt 2

Discuss the relative vulnerability of people in this region to un-natural disasters. What are the biggest natural hazards? Are there laws or codes in place to protect people during or help people after a natural disaster? Have there been any examples in recent years where you can talk through what happened with regard to the vulnerability of specific populations or places?

Prompt 3

The Gini index measures inequality around the world. What are the Gini index numbers for countries in your region? What does this look like ‘on the ground?’ Is any inequality a political issue? Are there estimated reasons as to why inequality persists OR how and why it has changed over time, whether for better or worse?


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