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With Cancer rates rising significantly in the past few years, the CDC wonder cancer statistics information could be helpful (CDC, 2020).  Nurses can utilize this information to share with their patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Currently, everyone knows someone who has, had or is going through diagnostic testing for cancer.  Numerous people in my community have different kinds of cancers.  I can use this information in community health nursing to help my fellow citizens know what is happening in our community.  By sharing statistics and other information on cancer and mortality rates in my community, I can encourage my community to change their lifestyles. 

How might nurses utilizing telehealth benefit from these resources?

When working in telehealth, the nurse can send links to their patients for review.  Nurses can find helpful information for a patient and can be submitted via a link in an email.  I can share information with my colleagues on cancer rates and mortality rates (CDC, 2020).  Telehealth nurses can also utilize other information from the CDC website, not just mortality rates.  

Address what you find innovative about the link.

The link is innovative in the sense anyone can access this information; this isn’t something you have to create a password and ID to view.  Creating web accounts can be difficult for elderly patients, so this is as easy as clicking a link.  Granted, some of my elderly patients may have difficulty clicking a link; however, it helps cut out any further steps. 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020). CDC Wonder.


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