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  • Assignment (50 points)
    • Design vocabulary activities to be used in your Thematic Unit.
  • Requirements: This assignment will be part of your Final Project. You will need to identify the literacy and content area standards from the MDE website that apply to your activities.
    • Using the information found in Vacca’s Chapter 8 Developing Vocabulary and Concepts and the “eVoc Strategies: 10 Ways to Use Technology to Build Vocabulary” article, create three (3) activities to develop vocabulary to be used in your unit plan. One of your vocabulary activities must involve the use of technology in a 21st Century appropriate way – this means you can’t just use the computer to give a vocabulary test. The vocabulary must be from three (3) different texts from the Text Set listed in your Thematic Unit Planning Guide. Describe the activities and create any hand-outs that will be used with the activities. Identify the ELA and content area standards for each activity.
    • Submit your assignment on the Unit 5 Writing Assignment Template: Vocabulary found in Canvas, expanding it as necessary. Include APA formatted Title page and References page.

I am in Mississippi and my grade that I am teaching is 9TH-12TH Grade Health/PE.


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