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Persuasive Essay  


Write a persuasive speech outline on one of the following topics:1)   Should everyone in the U.S. drive electric cars only?2)   Should people be vegetarians?3)   Should the US have a flat rate tax?You need to take a specific position and not argue both sides. You may discuss the opposing point of view in the limitations only.Research your topic using EBSCO and eBrary.  Then complete this exercise in this exact order. Label each step.Assignment Format(please label the parts)Introduction:  In the first paragraph introduce your topic.  Introduce the topic so as to engage the listener.  State your position clearly in one sentence and then underline it. Then give an overview of your main points.Outline:  Please write the outline out completely.  Every point should be a complete sentence. This will take at least two pages single-spacedI.          Argument—Write this out completelyA.   Support (emotions)B.   Support (credibility)II.          Argument—Write this out completelyA.   Support (logic)B.   Support  (logic)C.   Support (emotions)                                      III.          Argument—Write this out completelyA.   Support (credibility)B.   Support (emotions)C.   Support (logic)Conclusion:  Restate your major arguments.  End the speech with impact.Limitations:  Identify any weakness in your argument with one, two, or three paragraphs.  You can introduce new arguments for the opposing point of view.ReferencesDocument your sources. Refer to the writing guidelines of the course for the new APA style. Use at least 7 to ten sources. Include a bibliography. This paper should be approximately 7-10 pages typed.


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