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  1. What do historians do? What is history? In answering these questions, define the art and science of history. Using your definition and answers as guides, compare and contrast the most significant myths and realities produced and interpreted by historians about this first period of your history
  1. Typed
  2. Titled
  3. Double-spaced
  4. 12pt Font & 1in Margins
  5. You must use both primary and secondary sources from within the text.
  6. All sources must be cited using footnotes in the Chicago Style.

    Grading Rubric (weighted evenly)

    1. Topic: Did you answer the question, all of the question, and all that was implied by the question?
    2. Argument: Did I present a solid thesis and a reasonable progression of ideas?
    3. Argument Balance: Did I allocate my time and presentation appropriately, developing all parts of the question in balance?
    4. Examples: Did I include the best examples and illustrations to demonstrate the validity of my ideas?
    5. Presentation: Did I use the required formatting, employ good grammar, and the most effective presentation techniques
    6. Citations-Readings: Did I include and cite specific examples from the appropriate reading material, including primary sources? (1/3 of the essay’s content)
    7. Citations-Class Dialogue: Did I include the most significant and appropriate ideas and graphics from class sessions? (1/3 of essay’s content)?
    8. Original Ideas: Did I include my own original ideas? (1/3 of the essay’s content)
    9. Accuracy: Are there factual inaccuracies in my presentation?
    10. Conclusion: Did I include an appropriate conclusion and adequately address the implications of the question through a current news article.


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