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Directions: Use the source to address the following two questions about diversity and difference in social work practice. For full credit, you must use a minimum of two sources as reflected with two citations and two full references using APA format unless stated otherwise in the forum. Your sources will be your assigned textbook and 1 scholarly peer-reviewed article. You are free to include other sources in addition to the two required sources. No website pages, google searches, wikis, website organizations, etc. will be accepted. No page or word count requirement. Format using APA 7th edition.

The first source must be the assigned textbook which can be accessed using this following link:

1.What are some important connections between diversity and social justice that you have observed in your practicum experience?

Information on my practicum. My practicum is The Beacon of Downtown Houston. I service the homeless population of culturally diverse individuals; some whose primary language is not language and who suffer with mental and physical disabilities as well as substance abuse. Most of the individuals also lack the basic identifying information such as IDs and SSCs which makes it incredibly hard for them to secure housing assistance or employment. However, many clients are assisted, housed in a speedy time and provided with either temporary or permanent supportive services.

Practicum website:

2. What do they tell you about social work?


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