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Review the final project requirements as well as the list of sport industry business segments from the textbook (Chapter 3, page 88; or e-book, page 99) and choose an organization, individual, team, or facility from the list that you plan to use for your final project. In a 2- to 3-paragraph journal assignment, address the following:

  • Selection: Describe your selection and explain in detail the role your selection plays in the greater sport industry and community. (For example, if you chose a local high school field, explain what the field is used for, what sport relevance it holds in the area, what uses it has, who runs it, etc.)
  • Resources: Identify 3–5 preliminary resources that you think will help support your research for your final project. Briefly describe each resource.
  • Concerns: Identify and discuss any concerns regarding your selection. Do you feel you have enough background information on your proposed topic? Are there any areas where you anticipate having difficulty finding information?

Refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric and to Chapter 1 of your textbook to support your responses. For additional details, please refer to the Module One Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

Post any questions you may have about the final project to the General Questions topic.


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