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About the assignment: This short assignment requires review of your assigned legal case and a brief blog post to share what you’ve learned
with the class. All cases are found in course texts or in posted supplemental reading. No paper or PowerPoint is required. This is an
individual, not a team, assignment.
• Find your assigned case in the table below. Each student as one case. Note your due date by unit. Read about your case in the
referenced text(s). Then, do a Library or Internet search to find a bit more about your case. Recommended sources beyond the texts
are the published court opinion, or an article from a credible journal or website.
• Make your blog post by or before the assigned due date. Use the Case Blog found at Blog Links.
• In your post, include the name of the case and a brief summary of key points. Respond to these questions: Very briefly, what is the
case about? What did the court hold (decide)? Why is this case law important to HIM?
• Keep details about the case minimal; feature key points that are meaningful to our course.
• Use your own words, but reference the source(s) used. Where you paraphrase or quote from a source, including texts, use APA
style in-text citation. Good writing is important in any delivery format, even when brief.
• You are not expected to prepare a paper or visual aid for this assignment.
• Students are encouraged to read other students’ posts to assist in review of course material. Discussion response is not required in
the blog and is not graded, but sharing of course-related comments is welcomed.
Grading: Up to 15 points for a clear oral report in class on your assigned case, consistent with instructions above.

Topic: Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of


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