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In your initial post, introduce yourself to your classmates and explain why you chose to pursue a degree in healthcare. Please describe how you anticipate this course will build on your healthcare background. If you are not currently working in healthcare, discuss instead how you will incorporate what you learn in this course into your future career.

Next, explore the module resources for this module and briefly describe two essential public health services. Explain why you chose these two services and how they are essential to our healthcare system.

For each of the public health services you chose, respond to the following:

  • Identify two key stakeholders and / or interest groups with their role (s) in the chosen healthcare service.
  • Justify your choice of stakeholders and / or interest groups for each of the public health services.

In your response posts to at least two other peers’ initial posts, choose ones that identified different public health services from the ones you chose and respond to the following:

  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the stakeholders and their roles in the public health services.
  • Identify one other essential key stakeholder or interest group that your peers did not identify in their initial post. Share your perspective on why you consider the identified stakeholder as an essential stakeholder or interest group.

My name is bianco bernard i am currently a Quality Specialist at a Pharmaceutical company in Houston texas. I attended Prairie View A&M University where i got my bachelors degree in Health. My goal is to transition from pharmaceuticals and go into a hospital setting for management/leadership roles.


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