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HRM-Workforce Analytics paper writing

1. Review the case study: Money Cash Flow, Inc. Part B Case Study

2. Add a detailed answer to each of the following questions:

  1. Based on survey results What is one strength or weakness of Money Cash Flow?
  2. Based on the strength or weakness identified, what other indicator correlates the most to it? What might this relationship mean?
  3. Identify one critical factor Money Cash Flow would have the greatest impact in reducing turnover (i.e., employees’ intention to quit)? Based on that factor, what HR practice or action would you suggest to senior management? Why?

3. Include evidence to support your answers from the textbook, lecture, professional experience, and/or other research materials.

4. Papers should be between one and two pages long. Page-length is guidance only. Content will be considered the most important factor for grading.

5. Include APA-style formatting, references, and citations.

– Example of an APA reference:

Cascio, W., Boudreau, J., & Fink, A. (2019). Investing In people: Financial impact of human resource initiatives (3rd ed.).
Society for Human Resource Management.

Cossette, M. & Reyburn, G. (2017). Money Cash Flow Inc.: HR analytics applied to
employee retention and well-being issues – Part A. International Journal of Case
Studies in Management, 15 (2), 1-9. (Links to an external site.)

– Example of APA citations for these references:

(Cascio et al., 2019)

(Cossette & Reyburn, 2017)


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