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Gather as much information about your selected problem as possible. Consider both qualitative and quantitative data. Examples of these include:

  • Leader and peer interviews
  • Patient/customer surveys
  • Quality improvement (QI) reports from the facility
  • Benchmarking studies/baseline data. If baseline data is available:
  • What are the goals?
  • Are current practices meeting the organizational goals?
  • Are the prescribed practices followed?

Cover the below 4 bullet points—– The problem is patient falls in the hospital.

  • Determine the scope of the problem, consider, select, and discuss appropriate qualitative and quantitative data points for your project, using the examples above.—–My organization has seen an increased number of falls on patients with and without injury.  These have been reported by our organization’s NETS reports.  This has been across all the units in the hospital.
  • Apply any relevant key quality improvement tools to your problem.—–To initiate hourly rounding to prevent falls.
  • Review and aggregate the information you collected on the selected problem.——-After educating staff and initiating the hourly rounding after 90 days there should be an decrease in falls as indicated by the NET reports. 
  • Determine the level of risk and frequency of the problem. This will provide you with the scope and significance of the problem.——-  There should be monthly review of any falls that occur to monitor any set backs or to monitor any increase in the number of falls and to keep staff up to date with dashboard of information.


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