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Chapter 9: Activity (Treatment of Eating Disorders)

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Step 1. Find a video on the treatment of eating disorders. The video you choose should be by a health care worker such as a physician, psychologist, or social worker. The main thing is that the video needs to be based on science. TedTalks are acceptable as they tend to be evidence-based.

Embed the video in your response. If you have trouble doing that, it’s fine to just copy and paste the link. You may also choose the same video as someone else, so long as what you say in Step 2 are your own thoughts and ideas.

Step 2. Describe the treatment and respond to the following prompts:
How are they treating the physical elements of the eating disorder?
How are they addressing the emotional elements of the eating disorder?
How are they taking into account the cultural elements of the eating disorder? (Cultural elements can be taking into account larger cultural pressures that create eating disorders or culture on the more local level, such as the specific family culture for the patient.)


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