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1. What are two different roles that schools serve in society according to functionalism? Explain your answers with examples for each. What is one social problem that can arise of schools fail to serve their function, according to functionalism?

2. How would symbolic interactionism explain crimes that are committed because of vulnerability of the victim? Provide an example to illustrate your points. What solution would symbolic interactionism suggest in order to address these types of crime?

3.A researcher wants to study how students feel about online education. The researcher wants to compare students who live in an urban centre to students who live in a rural space. Using at least three course concepts (two concepts from unit 3 and one concept from either unit 1 or unit 2) , explain how the researcher would design their project. Explain why the researcher makes these decisions.

4.Explain the cycle of work and employment that was discussed in class. Explain two different social problems that can occur from the cycle not working smoothly. Provide an example for each of these social problems.


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