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I will meet their association-wide director of marketing, our senior executive director of youth programming, school contracts, and camp services, our senior executive director at the Gordon Family, who also has oversight of their association aquatics program, and our executive assistant/board liaison. They are hoping their executive director of member engagement, childcare services, and virtual programming will attend, along with at least one of their board members. The staff who will be present are all on the leadership cabinet with the vice presidents (VP of IT, CFO, and COO). They also have one additional executive director on the cabinet, who represents their diversity, equity, and inclusion work as well as our school outreach in the middle schools, but he will likely be unable to join us due to current program responsibilities.

This presentation should take the first 40 minutes to lay out your plan as to how you will lead human resources as the VP/CHRO for the first 100 days. Here are some of the conditions for you to consider:

Powerpoint and word because I need notes for each slides. 


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