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The second must respond to one complete day’s readings from the second half of the quarter (weeks 5-6). Your second reading response cannot be on the same reading as your group presentation. Students may submit their reading responses at any time during the response’s respective half of the quarter, however the first reading response must be submitted before April 27 and the second before June 3. Reading responses can take many shapes and forms. For this class, I want you to think of these responses as an opportunity to think a little deeper about a particular reading. Your response can address something you find particularly thought provoking or puzzling in the text, something you find problematic or limiting, or you may argue for a specific interpretation of the reading. You may also connect your reading with other readings in the course, or larger themes we have talked about (race, identity, settler colonialism, etc.). You can also discuss how the reading relates to your lived experiences. While you may overview the main points of the reading, the response should not simply summarize the reading.


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