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In simplest terms, evolution can be defined as a change in allele frequency over time. A fact of nature is that allele frequencies for any given gene are always in a state of flux and for that reason evolution is a fact of nature. At the same time we have evolutionary theories that help us explain why allele frequencies change in the first place. For this section we will explore these evolutionary mechanisms.

Please share 2 articles or 2 news stories that specifically deals with how evolutionary mechanisms have and are shaping the world around us. It can be stories that looks at the fossil record or explores current examples of evolution.

From every article:

1. Look for an example of natural selection, mutation, gene flow, genetic drift, sexual selection.

2. Give a short summary of what you read.

.State the evolutionary mechanism involved and explain how that evolutionary mechanism works

give a short explanation of what is promoting the evolutionary change in the first place.


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