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I’m working on a case studies case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Provide one detailed paragraph per example (at least 10 informative sentences) describing what sanctions you believe would fit best per scenario.

Scenario 1: Mike Jones is pulled over after going 50mph in a 25mph zone. As the officer approaches the vehicle he can see a crack pipe located on the front seat. The driver is ordered out of the vehicle and a search reveals a small bag of crack. Mr. Jones’s license is also suspended.

Scenario 2: James Johnson is 18 years old and is arrested after being linked to several car burglaries. His parents report he is sneaking out of the house at night, not following rules, he is hanging out with the wrong people and they suspect he may be using marijuana.

Scenario 3: Michelle Smith is arrested at the Watering Hole Bar after engaging in a verbal altercation and slapping the bartender while she was intoxicated. After her arrest, she discloses to the pre-trial officer at court she recently lost her job. Losing her job has caused her to become depressed and drink.


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