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Complete exercise #1 on page 72 (or p. 77 in 2rd ed.) in Chapter 4 and start the write-up with a clear reference to your source, full APA citation will work best , and a very short original summary of the article you have selected will help me understand the paraphrase of the selected passage. Please provide a rewrite – a paraphrase of the selected passage, and add the original text in quotation marks at the very end. Do make it clear (using headings) where your summary starts, the paraphrase begins, and the original passage has been added, please. Do not go over 300 words, please.

Exercise #1: Choose a 200 word passage from a technical article related to your major course of study (NURSING) and addressed to an expert audience. (You can find a technical article on the web by using google scholar or the directory of open access journals. in addition, many federal government agencies public technical articles and reports on the web.) Rewrite the passage so that it will be clear and interesting to a general reader.


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