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It is time to add your last project entry titled “Project management and decision support”. Imagine to be the recently nominated director of the PH agency you have referred to in your previous entry. Now, you are asked by the administration to present two different materials, which will compose your entry contribution as well.

  1. A new project that will expand the scope of the agency. As such, you want to make a good impression and 1) suggest a focus that can use PHI for empowering the agency and b) structure your idea according to the 5 steps of project management (e.g., initiating, planning) (at least 45 words)
  2. A way to integrate decision support into the current agency infrastructure. Think about how this addition can enrich the agency’s ability to execute its tasks and reach its goals (at least 25 words).

Grading rubric attached. And prior works on this project has been attached too please read them and refer to them to make sure the final step of the project also follows the rest of the project. if you needed lecture material or had any questions let me know.


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