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Find a scholarly article on a societal factor that is affecting nursing/patient education curriculum. Summarize the article for your classmates in one or two paragraphs. Discuss why you chose the article and what can be learned from this trend. How would you use it to improve the quality of nursing/patient education?

This article and those posted by your classmates may become the foundation of your paper due in Topic 2. The article you select cannot be from any of the Class Resources or supplemental readings. The article should come from a graduate-level journal, like an advanced practice journal or nursing education journal, not an entry-level journal like AJN, RN, Nursing, etc. Be sure to include the entire reference for the article in APA format. It is a violation of copyright law to post the entire text of the article to an online discussion board, so be sure to post only the reference information for the article so those interested in reading more can access it .I believe up to three hundred words would suffice .I have great faith in you strongboss5


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