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I need help in this two essay questions on my final exam .

1. Many of the writers we have read during the second half of the semester (such as Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Mann, and T.S. Eliot) are concerned with the state of a continuously industrialized and detached society. Many of these authors, whether intentionally or unintentionally, show the consequences of a fragmented and indifferent culture or make appeals for justice, mercy, and understanding. Write an essay (350 words) in which you explore how these authors address the dangers of human indifference and/or discuss how they make appeals for justice and love.

2. We have spent a good deal of time this semester discussing the benefits of art and beauty as we see them in literary texts. By now, I hope you have developed some of your own views on why literature holds importance for our own humanity. Write an essay in which you describe what you deem as the value of literature using two of the texts we have read during the second half of this semester for support and/or examples.


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