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  1. Describe your body’s physiological reaction to a threatening situation. How does your reaction align with the information in the textbook?
  2. Think of a time when you were experiencing stress. How did the social situation influence your stress level? For example, did the individuals you were around make your stress level rise or fall? Were you stressed because of the situation you were in or had you been stressed before? Please be specific in your example.
  3. Your textbook discusses minor hassles as a form of stress. Provide an example of a minor hassle in your own life and what you do to cope with the hassle (or what you will start doing after reading this chapter).
  4. Provide 2 scientifically based recommendations for coping with negative emotions (hint: this may require a google search. Be sure to cite your source, whether it is the textbook or an online article).
  5. Explain how culture influences stress and expression of negative emotions. For example, how is stress viewed in a more individualistic culture like the US compared to a collectivistic culture?


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