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Stage 2: Historical Infographic

Stage 3: Podcast of the Present

Stage 4: Video of the Future

You will write a single 750 – 1,000 word reflective essay that covers all three projects. This essay should be formal and traditional: that is, it should have an introduction, a thesis statement, clearly defined paragraphs, and a conclusion

PROMPT: What I would like you to do is give me a tour and final assessment of your three projects. You should discuss your thoughts on creating projects in each genre (infographic, podcast, video documentary) and the work you did. What worked about your projects? What didn’t work? Which ones did you enjoy? Which would you like to work on in the future? What role did technology (good or bad or both) play in creating the projects?

Be specific. Talk about specific panels from your infographic or questions from your podcast or writing a script for your video. 

The goal here is not for you to justify the work you did as good, but to look at the genres you worked with and using your own work as the evidence.


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