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For the Reading #2, “Chicano Art Centers & Workshops, Chapter 5” the READING RESPONSE #2 will be to write one-sentence per page of the this chapter. Here is what you want to do with it:

1. Please pick one-sentence from each page of this second Reading, and write it down on a scratch sheet of paper, or copy it and paste it on a blank word document. Make sure to add the page number next to the sentence.

2. Once you have written one sentence from each page, and their page number, I want you to move around the sentences so they are in a new order that makes more sense to you (maybe you move some of the ones at the end toward the beginning, or some of the middle ones to the end, or some of the beginning ones toward the middle).

3. Please pick one of these sentences, the one that makes the most sense to you or that encapsulates the entire reading the best, and have this sentence be italicized and in bold.

By the way this reading attached to the other first reading, it’s just on page 15-30 of that pdf. Here it is attached again.


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