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The essay must have a minimum of 6 paragraphs:

An introduction (paragraph)

A thesis statement
(last sentence of info)

A body of main ideas (minimum 4 paragraphs)

A conclusion (paragraph)

Looking at how things change or stay the same over time, you will pick a topic such as sports, politics, and music and pick a decade, era, person, icon, or historical event that you think most impacts our world or society today. More specifically, what event do you think impacted you and your generation the most? For example, how did the Vietnam War shape the media focus of war today and how does this focus effect you and your generation? You also must personalize how the event (person, icon, etc.) also touched many other people, such as September 11 or the election of President Obama. Basically, you have to not only write the essay from your personal standpoint but you have to make it more worldly or globally based as well. ( I already have the topic picked). The essay should be 750-1000 words (3-4 complete pages). A first and final draft is needed


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