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Watch the video below. In your initial post, explain which part of the litigation process is depicted in the video and what methods could have been taken to avoid the confrontation that occurred. Please use and cite the book and powerpoint respond with 400 words .The video is attached

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In the video provided above, the part of the litigation process is an example of irreparable harm. According to the Chapter 3 PowerPoint provided, avoiding harm in the “early stages of litigation is made easier by the Courts”. This irreparable harm in the video was the two parties having a conversation outside of the court. This can cause issues that talking out or money cannot even fix. As well as getting very verbally abusive with each other over something was not even of the subject matter. This could have been avoided if they let the courts deal with the dispute. They should not have talked the day prior to the court. It is deeply unnecessary and causes other issues later on. 


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