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Hello there. I need help with a quick assignment. It is 4 questions with each one having a few parts. I need them answered in a specific manner. Essentially, if there is a part of a question that doesn’t state to use Excel, I need that to be written down by hand on a piece of paper and scanned. For anything that does require Excel, I have attached an Excel file as an example as to how I want it to be solved. Aside from this, I just need everything answered to the best of your ability while answering everything that the questions are asking.

What’s on Excel I need to be answered using the solver add on and supplying both the sensitivity and answer report. If you have any further question, please ask me, otherwise just follow the format of how I have it set up in the Excel file I attached.

In the end there should be one PDF file that shows the handwritten answers, and another PDF file that included the answers for the questions. That Excel file should include the answers and reports for questions 1-3.

Any variables should be in the format of X1, X2, X3, etc.


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