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1) What are best practices for setting up a classroom space? Be specific. What centers should be close to each other? What centers should be distanced from each other? Explain your rationale. Where should your sinks and doors be located?

2) At each center ( blocks, math, art, sensory, dramatic play , manipulatives , library and science) tell me what furniture you will need and what types of items you would put out to make these centers child friendly. Ex: Adding a pretend kitchen set to the DP area, etc. I need two examples of what you would add ( in addition to tables and chairs) to make each of the above centers more DAP. I should see a total of 16 examples.

3) Tell me about how you would make your classroom aesthetically appealing? This includes colors, types of furnishings, things you would add for decor that are appropriate and add to the beauty of your classroom. Explain why environment is so important as part of a child’s learning environment. What types of things should not be part of the decor of an early childhood classroom ?


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