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  • What are some examples of products that you think would benefit from conjoint analysis? What features would you test for and why is the analysis interesting? Choose one of these products and discuss specifically how a company can make pricing decisions based on conjoint analysis.
  • Identify a product that you use on a frequent basis for which the market is segmented by the maker. Which segment do you belong to? What segmentation techniques does the seller use? How well do you think you *fit* with the seller’s target group for your segment?
  • Quantified self. For this option, pick ANY aspect of your daily life that you can track and measure — it could be the number of steps you take in a day, the amount of money you spend on a certain product, the amount of time you spend on a certain activity, or anything else that you can reliably measure and track. What did you learn from this experiment? Did anything surprise you? Will you change any future behavior as a result?


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