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Find an example of a case related to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (race, color, religion, national origin, sex), sexual harassment, ADA, or ADEA. Include a link to the article or video and a few sentences summarizing what you found.

Instructions: Please go to the Discussion Board link for the week located on the left side of Canvas. Please answer any questions fully and thoughtfully using complete sentences. Read over your entry for typos/grammatical errors. If you use any outside material please provide your source(s). If you use a website, please provide the link to it. Respectful communication is expected at all times. If you are discussing a country, be sure you would feel comfortable saying whatever you’re saying in front of a member of the country who is very proud of their country and may take offense to overly negative statements. Poverty in some countries is a fact, but just be aware of how you phrase things. Make sure to reply at least 100 words or more


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