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1) Describe some ways that Run Lola Run is postmodern in its borrowing from other genres/styles (home video, animation, 35 mm, photography, etc). What are the specific scenes in which these occur? What does each style convey and why is it appropriate to that part of the story? Give examples. For instance, the footage that includes her father and lover, what does this look like? Why is it different?

2)There are three types of duration in the film – plot duration, story duration and screen duration. Describe the unique ways in which Run Lola Run uses these. In what ways does Run Lola Run encourage viewer interaction through the relationship of plot and story?

3) Whats your ending ? Write what you think the ending would be like ?

In the end of Run Lola Run, Manni asks Lola, “What’s in the bag?”. We don’t hear her response, but hear the sound of the polaroid ( the one that is used with the micro-narratives that veer off into future scenarios of various minor characters). What do you think Lola does with money? What is your micro-narrative for her?


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