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You are the IT manager for a XYZ company; your best friend’s husband also works there. One day, he sends you a note requesting an email to be released; it had originally been flagged as a possible virus. To do this, you must open, read, and inspect the email to ensure it’s not harmful to the company’s network.

Upon opening this message, you discover that it’s a legitimate email. Unfortunately, you soon realize that it’s actually a message between this guy and his secret lover. After releasing the email, you start to question how you should handle the situation. Your instinct is to tell your best friend about her husband’s affair, but you could be terminated since divulging the contents of company emails is against company policy. There is no getting around that the information would have come from the email; all trails will inevitably lead to you as the leak.

Do you tell your best friend and risk your job, or keep the contents of the email to yourself? Explain, and include the ethical foundation(s) on which your decision is based.


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