Genogram     This is an introductory  to help students understand how a genogram is created and h

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This is an introductory  to help students understand how a genogram is created and how to use the various symbols to denote family relationships, marital status, family issues, and family patterns of mental health & substance abuse. The  is a first attempt at creating a limited three generation genogram of immediate family-of-origin individuals. 


Personal or Theoretical?


Option 1 – Your own family tree 


Think about your family: Who is in your family? What is your family’s story? All families are different, thus all families are special. With this you will have the opportunity to discover how special your family is by establishing your own family Genealogy Diagram – Genogram. 


Option 2: Theoretical Client


 Think about a theoretical client you are working with: Who is in the family? What is the family story? What are the relationships between family members?


 Project Outline 


1. Introduction


Define what Family means to you, describing how your definition of family influenced the content of your genogram. 


2. Genealogy Diagram – Genogram 


a.  Using the appropriate genealogical symbols, you will need to “draw” a genogram that represents the family relationships (see Moodle for symbols, and how-to)


 b.  Begin with yourself (or your theoretical client). Choose which information you would like to include on your diagram. It could include up to 3 generations (your generation, your parents’ and your grandparents’). If you have children, or a spouse or partner you could include them as well. You could also include extended family.


i. You could include name, place of birth, age, occupation, level of education, health status, and/or date or causes of death (or other information you believe is relevant).
ii. Make note of and mark any patterns that you observe while constructing your genealogy (substance abuse, mental illness, etc.). These patterns can be denoted by symbols (see symbol charts) or colours. Apply this to each member that shows this pattern.

c. You must include at least two Emotional Genogram Symbols 


3. Reflection  


a.  reflection describing your family genogram. 


b. How your use of symbols, placement of family members, connecting lines, and boundaries represent the members of your family and particularly the relationships within the family. You may also discuss your reasons for excluding family members that it may have been logical to include.



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