Gender dysphoria is a relatively new term. Some people may know someone who has a gender identity di

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Gender dysphoria is a relatively new term. Some people may know someone who has a gender identity disorder (male/boy identifying as female/girl or vice versa). Some may even know a person who has transitioned to change gender. However, most students will only become aware of these people through media portrayal. Therefore, in order to have a clearer idea about this disorder, please do some research about:

How many people in the US were diagnosed with a gender identity disorder in the last 5 years?
What treatments have been most commonly sought after, suggested, or prescribed?
How many patients have sought help to change their gender, and/or undergone surgery?
What is known about the “success rate” of these procedures? In other words, the client’s levels of satisfaction with their post-transition sexuality and gender identity.
About these ideas and from the point of view as a nursing professional, please explain:

1. What feelings most people should have about people seeking help for gender identity disorder?
2. Do you think is difficult to sympathize with or understand the customer? If yes, is it based on your religious beliefs, cultural norms, or personal discomfort with the topic?
3. If you as a nurse have been assigned to care for a client who is looking for or has been the subject of a gender transition procedure:
a) What would your reaction be? How to approach the client?
b) If you don’t think you could be objective and treat the customer with respect, what would you do?


Please explain in details and with references. Thank you.

NURS 223-ACC1-01


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