Evaluation #2: Literature search, critical appraisal, and implications for nursing practice. Instruc

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Evaluation #2: Literature search, critical appraisal, and implications for nursing practice.


Practical nurses are expected to conduct literature searches, critically appraise research articles, and discuss the implications for nursing practice. Therefore, this assignment has been developed for you to demonstrate your literature search skills, begin to appraise research articles, and think about the implications research may have for nursing practice.

Research begins with a question because we want to know why something happens and what to do about it. Think of an area of nursing you are interested in. 

Next, develop a clinical research question.  A well-constructed research question, that is relevant to a patient problem, will facilitate finding current evidence for use in practice. (Note that you cannot implement everything you read as there is a very complex process that has to occur first.) Use the PICO format to organize your question. The four elements of the PICO model are:

P: Patient/Problem

I: Intervention

C: Comparison 

O: Outcome


Conduct a computerized literature search to find an article that describes a research study on your chosen topic.  Read the research study and answer the following questions.  The initial 5 marks are for your research question and PICO.  The remaining 25 marks are divided into the sections of 1) literature search, 2) critical appraisal of the research study, and 3) the implications the research has for nursing practice. (The entire assignment is worth 30 marks, which is 15% of your final grade)


Before you begin

Research question: 


Patient and problem:





Literature Search

What database did you use?


1. Explain  the relevant keywords you put in the database to find this article?


What is the name of the journal the article was found in?


What is the name of the article?


What type of quantitative or qualitative study was conducted?  Provide rationale from the course content and examples from the study to support your answer.



Critical appraisal of research study


Briefly discuss the steps in the research study? (Steps are research problem and purpose, review of relevant literature, study framework, research objectives, questions or hypothesis, study variables, study design, population and sample, measurement methods, data collection, data analysis, discussion of research outcomes) Note any missing steps of the research process:



Discuss the quality, presentation and organization of the report.


Review the steps of the research process and note any gaps or missing steps.


What is the identified problem / purpose of the study?


Identify the population in the research study?


What was the research question or hypothesis inherent in the study?


Discuss the significance of the problem for nursing practice.


Evaluate the appropriateness (benefits and weaknesses) of the study design?


What are the independent and dependant variables in the study?


Critically appraise the literature review completed by the research study.  Comment on each of the areas below:
Quality sources (peer-reviewed sources / journal articles, primary sources referenced)
Current sources (published within 10 years prior to the research article’s publication)
Relevant content (content directly related to the study and appropriate authors cited)
Synthesis of relevant content (studies critically appraised and synthesized, clear concise,

       gaps in the literature are discussed) 

               (Hint: Grove p 204-208 (1 mark for each of a, b, c and d )


Critically appraise how data was collected and analyzed.


Discuss the findings of the research study?



Implications for nursing practice/health team environment



Discuss the significance and usefulness of the findings for nursing practice.  Apply course content to support your statements.



APA citations and referencing


Using APA guidelines, write an in-text citation for your chosen article as though it was appearing in your writing for the first time.


Using APA guidelines, write a reference for your chosen article.
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