Disability CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion Case study 1. Dana has rec

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CHCDIS003 Support community participation and social inclusion

Case study 1.

Dana has recently worked with Pedro, a young man with cerebral palsy, to develop community options that suit his individualised plan. Pedro currently receives support from a range of providers, including a physiotherapist and occupational therapist to help him maintain his physical skills. His plan includes goals to become more independent within the local neighbourhood and to experience some new sporting activities. Pedro has begun participating in a sailing program based at a local yacht club. The program is run by skilled staff and uses modified boats that are designed for people with varying physical ability. Pedro is picked up from his home by a volunteer driver and driven home after each sailing session. He loves sailing and is now keen to explore some other community options that are sports focused.

1.Give two examples of situations or times when it would be appropriate to review Pedro’s individualised plan. Hint- think workplace policy and procedures.


Case study 2.

Jenni is providing support to Robert, a child who has a developmental delay and cystic fibrosis, to assist him in developing some community participation options in line with his individualised plan.

His plan includes a goal to attend a camp run by a community organisation without his parents being present. This will be the first camp Robert has attended and his parents have expressed concern about his ability to manage on his own. Robert has not slept away from home before and still likes to have his mum tuck him in each night before sleep. He is able to change his own clothes but has never tried to pack a bag or look after his belongings for an extended period before. He has never slept in a sleeping bag and so does not know how to pack or unpack one from its bag.

The family live a long way from the camp location and they do not have a reliable car to transport Robert to the camp. Robert’s mother has also expressed concern about how medication for Robert will be managed as he is not yet able to administer his own medication.

1. Jenni is unsure about how medication is managed in situations where her organisation is involved in providing services. Who could she consult for advice about medication procedures for Robert, given that he is receiving services from her organisation to help him achieve his goals? There is no mention of a doctor or nurse at this camp. Unless specified, assume there is neither in attendance. Whom should she consult (within the organisation)?  Where else can she get information about medication procedures (within the organisation)?


2. Jenni wants to share information with Robert about how they could work together to meet the goals in his individual plan. What is an appropriate way she could do this to ensure Robert can understand the goals? there are things Jenni can do. List some of these things. How would you share information with a child appropriately?


CHCDIS001 Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach


1. What is meant by the term ‘fading’? Give an example to support your answer within the disability work.




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