Define a current international problem

Define a current international problem. Define the aspect of your problem that make it an international dilemma and that make it a concern to the USA.

The international problem that is faced by all countries of the world is terrorism .Terrorism is carried out purposefully, in a cold-blooded, calculated fashion. The declared goals of the terrorist may change from place to place. He supposedly fights to remedy wrongs — social, religious, national, racial. But for all these problems his only solution is the demolition of the whole structure of society. No partial solution, not even the total redressing of the grievance he complains of, will satisfy him — until our social system is destroyed or delivered into his hands,” Benjamin Netanyahu, International Terrorism.

It has assumed such huge proportions that governments are trying their best to nip it through international agreements and international brotherhood .countries have got together in the wake of terrorist attacks to heavily deal with terrorism because terrorism in its truest sense is destruction of what has been built by communities over the years and perpetrated annihilation of historical evidences, culture and communities purposefully to create fear and usurp power. In its very rough sense it is stated to be understood as violent attacks leading to fear and utter destruction.

It is an ethical dilemma because citizens and religious zealots who were given citizenship in counties have created havoc and destruction. A fitting example will be that of the September 11attacks on the twin towers. The terrorists who caused this attack and mindless destruction of both man and property were in some way given shelter by the US government . The USA has been subject to very grave incidences of terrorist attacks both from internal sources and from external sources that it has developed 2. Describe the policy consideration and/or legal consideration that defines the international problem

The international problem which has plagued nations .for the last so many years has been propitiated by an ideal that no fundamentalist group has the right to kill people and damage property. There cannot be any factional disturbances that threaten communities and massacre people either in the name of religion or some other fundamental ideals . The polices of the Federal Emergency management agency , and the department of homeland security including the world organizations to combat terrorism work together to eradicate this premeditated violent act . They are all part of the federal initiative to handle terror and deal a kicking blow to terrorism. Policies reforms of the highest priority with the harshest of punishments need to be meted out to terrorists and there should a worldwide ban on terrorist outfits .counter terrorism policies including crisis management techniques have to be initiated of the highest levels .intelligence agencies should be provided with techniques of information related to working of terrorist organizations and the countries of the world should get together to deal with this dastardly issue of terrorism.3. What methods/procedures/techniques/devices/strategies or approaches would you apply to dissecting and analyzing this international problem.

This is not a problem to do with one sect of fundamentalist and religious zealots. Selfish people who have nothing to lose get trained to create havoc on communities. The only way to analyze this problem is not by waging war against terrorist outfits but by ensuring that all world countries come together to annihilate the terrorist harboring countries and boycott relations with the countries that give shelter to the terrorist outfits . To analyze this problem it is important that religion and fanaticism be understood vey clearly. The terms counterterrorism and international terrorism formally entered the Washington political lexicon,” according to counterterrorism expert Timothy Naftali. The weathermen, students for a democratic society were all factics terrorist groups and the intelligence agency in the USA has identified and understood the way they work. What has been particularly horrific is the planned terrorist attack by the Mafia and the Muslim faction, protesting against the attack of USA on Iraq and Afghanistan. The atrocities committed by the Americas soldiers in the Vietnam War was another reason for wide spread terrorism in the USA.

4.What recommendation would you make to address the problem under the circumstances.

As Dan Brown says in his bestseller Angels and Demons,” Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. Remove a government’s facade of infallibility, and you remove its people’s faith.’.United States with his huge mix of cosmopolitan population and its seemingly arrogant nature of conducting world business has been targeted the most number of times by militant attacks. Despite having the most advanced technology and intelligence reports and the CIA and FBI restoring to the best use of counter terrorism attacks and using intelligence officers, the Sept 9/11 attacks by the Al Qaeda has reminded the USA that they are not infallible. The government has spent huge amounts in tracking terrorists delineating them from their groups but what haunts the federal government is that anytime such attacks could happen. The worry that a country with such great power is open to terror attacks is had led to great strategies to put an end to terrorism.. Barrack Obama has openly declared that the war against terrorism will continue unabated when he said that Al Qaeda and the Taliban have regrouped themselves while the nation was concentrating elsewhere. The Iraq war was being fought while this served as the best source for Al Qaeda .He also says that bipartisan commission has executed certain very painful facts which the country has pointedly ignored despite intelligence reports confirming another attack. The country has to learn a lot from this. All said and done, countries which have harbored terrorist to make it a super power are now in the clutches of the same terrorists.




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