Debating Evolution

Debating Evolution

Studies indicate that 54% of the United States population does not believe humans evolving from earlier species. This is a worrying trend and a challenge to anthropologist educators. United States no believe of evolution theory emanates from an ongoing debate on the better hypothesis between evolution theory and creationism. Creationism is widespread given that unlike the evolution theory, people from both the informal and the formal sector interact with it (William et al 67). On the other hand, evolution theory is difficult to understand for the general public. This has the meaning that only anthropologists, biologists, and other human scientist can comprehend the theory. Having education to the general public could be the remedy that will assist in increasing the number of people that believe in evolution theory (William et al 109). Lack of such a mechanism will lead to a further decrease in Americans that believe in evolution theory.

Trends such as this will lead to the generalization of evolution theory as just another theory. This will lead to lack of societal support of evolution theory. Societal support deficiency will lead to decline in progressing anthropology ideologies. Anthropological ideologies are indispensable in understanding current societies and human beings. Lack of these ideologies will hamper human development research. This will also have an impact on science in general and have a negative impact on technology. It is for such reason that anthropology has to understand the challenge it faces. In accordance, educators will have to teach the public evolution theory and avoid focusing on the existing debate (William et al 156). This will protect anthropology studies in public schools leading to an improving human development research. Societies will nourish will nourish with coexistence with science and technology will thrive.

Work Cited

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