Dear my brother Vincent, (2)

Dear my brother Vincent,

I write this letter to acknowledge your concerns about my departure to school. I decided to go to school to continue with my education at Oisterwijk, and that is why I missed your show. Am sorry for I couldn’t be there to adore your marvelous works of art although it was against my will to miss the event. School time just caught up with me, and I had to depart. I miss you brother, and it seems like ages have passed although it is only just a few days since I left.

Am grateful for your company and the time we spent together. I can’t forget the jokes you cracked and how I could burst into laughter with tears of joy flowing down my cheeks. Am sorry for what happened during the event as I saw from your letter that the weather was terrible and you were forced to cancel the fireworks. I am sorry for that, but I can also say it’s because I wasn’t there that it happened, next time the weather will be alright, and I hope I will be there to cheer you up brother. Am doing great here at school and I have made new friends. Remember to say Hi to the siblings.

Your Loving brother,



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