Dear Chad

To: Chad MitchelsonCC: Cynthia

From: Xu ChunyuSubject: Corrections made on your client letter.

Dear Chad,

Thank you so much for stepping in when you did and offering a reply to a disgruntled client. It is always a pleasure seeing young people’s efforts to become useful in the workplace. However, as mentioned in the subject, your letter had some issues that need attention for future reference.

Please have a thorough review of how an official letter is communicated, starting from the appropriate addresses, salutation, and subject. It is also important to date your letter properly as this may be used later.

Some of the main issues I found were the attitude and tone of the letter. I amended the introduction to acknowledge receipt of Mr Evans’ letter and thanked him for being a valued member of the society. I also acknowledged the issues he raised and offered to delve further into the problem for future purposes.

While doing so, I firmly, yet delicately explained the need to expand the road and mentioned the desire to retain the beautiful trees. I ended the letter with the required salutation, avoiding the casualness of your draft and the images you had provided. Although helpful, it is likely that the client would interpret them as a mockery of his concerns.

If you have any questions, feel free to see me after office hours so that I may be of more help.

Warm regards,




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