Dealing with the Homeless

Dealing with the Homeless

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Most people assume that the homeless people are a threat to their security, and thus, they don’t like seeing homeless individuals across their property. No one likes to be homeless, but certain unavoidable circumstances play a key role in making lots of people homeless. On the other hand, every individual has the right to protect their properties from harm. Since it is against the law to take matters in own’s hand, people prefer to alert the police to report suspicious activity. In most cases, homeless people have been used to commit crimes, and therefore, there is every reason to be suspected. As a police officer, I have a right to protect people’s property while at the same time ensuring their security. Despite the fact that the homeless person does not bother anyone, they are cause of nuisance in the private property, and need to be vacate from the premises. Based on this, I would reassure the tenant that no harm will come their way while I take the homeless man to the police station for further questioning.

Taking the homeless individual to the police station will not solve their current homeless situation. Therefore, I need to make reservations to ensure that they find a secure and comfortable place to sleep. There are numerous homeless shelters in the United States which such people are provided with temporary residence. These shelters exist to provide the homeless with safety and protection from exposure to weather and harmful individuals. Also, there are community health centers that offer health care for the homeless programs. In these health centers, I can take the homeless person for a check-up while they are temporary accommodated as they seek to reconnect with their families. Also, I can contact the Continuum of Care (CoC), a program that offers front door services to take care of the homeless person. When doing all the][-se, it is important to maintain the confidentiality of the homeless person to avoid shaming them, as it is not their fault for being homeless. Confidential information should be maintained.



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