David Cameron Response

David Cameron Response

The prime minister’s response first focused on responding to the issue of security in Wales, insecure tenancy, mostly for the disabled and children. The prime minister assured the House that his government had ensured the right measures are being observed to ensure that long term tenancy agreements are underway that will make the insecurity issue put to rest forever.

On his second response regarding the energy levels and unemployment levels that are on the rise affecting the lives of common individuals negatively. The official leader of the opposition claimed that while the average income of those in the upper class continues to rise, the level of income among the low-income earners keeps deteriorating. He asked the prime minister to respond to whether his government will remain on record from 1920 as the only government that left the economic conditions of the citizens worse than he found them. In his response, he refuted the claims that the economic levels of the overall citizens were deteriorating rather citing the record from International Monetary Fund (IMF) that signifies that Britain’s economic growth was on the rise. The records from IMF also signified that employment levels were on the increase again according to the response by the prime minister. He consequently, refuted the issue of decline in economic growth arguing that women employment and the youths employment levels are on the increase despite the world crisis challenge. From the Prime Minister’s point of view, the energy policy and minimum wage policy are dangerous and will present negative shifts of the within the economy. Tax cuts that the government is providing is not only ensuring life is fair for the low-income earners but also reducing the government reduction. Reduction of public spending and ensuring appropriate tax reports remain among the significant achievements leading to economic growth. He dismissed the idea of increasing minimum wage arguing that it will influence inflation and that focusing on overall economic growth is the essential factor. He disagreed with the idea of reducing the amount spent on defense to 2% of GDP arguing defense was a crucial factor in the growth of an economy.

After the establishment of the inquiry committee, six years the opposition accused the government of failing to table a report or focus on means of delivering the inquiry report of UK’s involvement in the war in Iran. Cameron accused the opposition of voting against the established inquiry citing that had the opposition actively engaged in supporting the inquiry, the results of the UK involvement in the Iraq war. Blair’s consignment with President Bush in relation to the war in Iraq issue came up with the Prime Minister taking the floor to defend the current government actions. Cameron argued that the legal obligation of delivering the reasons behind the engagement lies squarely on the independent body of inquiry. He however, argued the government had the responsibility of ensuring the report gets to the house and the UK’s public. Upon responding to a claim that the whole issue of the inquiry scandalous, he argued the process was neither a mystery and was following thorough process. He however maintained that the report will only be available after 2015 general elections were over. Consistent inquiries on the need for such a long period were handled with the Prime Minister arguing on the necessity of ample time to ensure quality report delivery.

Major health concerns were also raised relating to various challenges in the medical field affecting the public. In response to the government’s action regarding key rights for cancer patients, Cameron argued that urgent treatment takes place but with the current rate of 450,000 patients being recorded throughout the year. However, the records are showing significant improvements in cancer treatment in England. While the treatment of cancer patterns record a significant rise in England, the situation is different in Wales attributing the reason to the fact that the additional money that was facilitated to NHS in England was never applied in Wales. Cameron refers the failure of adding money to NHS as a result of the Labor party’s opposition to the idea of allocating more funds to NHS. The prime minister was also taken to task over the provision of ambulance for emergency cancer patients. To address the issue of emergency ambulances, Cameron assured the parliamentarians that a project of providing 1700 extra ambulances was underway. He consequently warned of any plans for engaging in strikes against the use of ambulance from the country as it bears no importance to the nation. Recruitment of more staff to conduct GP surgeries was also questioned with members questioning the government’s approach to reducing the shortage. In his response, he assured the parliamentarians that plans were underway within the NHS to employ more medical personnel to help solve the challenges encountered in GP surgeries. The issue relating to mental health issue came up where he assured the parliamentarians that measures were in place to ensure that the mentally challenged will get guidance in doing their job. He also responded to the issue of dog pets and argued that it was the role of the government to protect the citizens against any harm from pets and protect those pets.


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