Dating Project

Dating Project1. Consumer Selection 

From the three potential dates, Nicky is the best fit for my professor. Nicky’s unique value proposition stands out compared to Cloe and Lana. Nicky has some key benefits that differentiate her character and persona from Lana and Chloe, and it comes out as the best option for my professor in relation to what he requires. The professor is attempting to find love, not a fling but true love. He wants a relationship that can end up as life partnership. Nicky’s characteristics fit into this criterion. She is easygoing and fun, is lighthearted and sweet, she is not overly ambitious and is thoughtful and kind. Nicky’s best quality, from her description, is that she always tries to make others feel cared for. She would support the professor’s dream and is loyal. She has a career and hopes to raise a family one day. In comparison to Chloe and Lana, her dreams and goals match those of my professor, making her the best fit for him.

Nicky’s appeal is rational. Her goals in a relationship and in life match those of the professor. They represent the superiority of her value as a partner, embodying companionship, loyalty, and longevity of a partnership. Her focus is practical compared to Lana who, in contrast, is manipulative, focused on the self, and her goals and lifestyles are unrealistic. Chloe, on the other hand, does not have the proper charm for a hopeless romantic like the professor. Their relationship would be temporary seeing that she is not interested in a long-term relationship. Her desires are to get a fling relationship for her own good. Unlike Chloe and Lana, Nicky’s motivation to be in a relationship is a well thought internal component. Chloe and Lana have too much external pressures for the professor to handle. The true intent behind Nicky’s desire to be in a relationship closely match that of the professor.

2. Consumer Motives 

In a romantic relationship, Nicky would be interested in a person that matches their energy, desire for companionship, loyalty, fun-loving, sweet nature, is financially secure, and ready to settle down and start a family. Her main motivation to be in a relationship is to start a family and be in a long-term relationship. Because Nicky is known to make others feel cared for, she would be looking for a person that reciprocates such qualities. She is not only looking for a relationship that offers security in terms of functionality but also for social support.

According to the Sheth’s consumer motives, Nicky’s main motive include functional and social benefits in a relationship. Functional motives include getting into a relationship because of the functions that come with it. For example, she wants a partner who intends to have a family in the long run. Functionality here depicts a potential match looking for the same goals of starting a family, supporting each other, and with a long-term relationship in mind. Nicky also has social motives that include a desire to fulfil esteem values. She wants to be in a relationship so that she is not the only one in her social group to be single. She also feels the external/societal pressure to settle down and start a family. In a partner, she would expect to see and receive the same social goals. She wants a partner so that she can gain stability, get a family, and meet her own esteem issues. She does not seem motivated by aesthetic, situational, and curiosity elements. Therefore, Nicky and the professor complement each other in terms of goals and desires, and what they want in a relationship. They are best fit for each other because they are both able to fulfil the gaps in the other’s life.



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