Damia and Thomas are expecting their first child. The pregnancy, which was only discovered at 10 wee

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Damia and Thomas are expecting their first child. The pregnancy, which was only discovered at 10 weeks, was a surprise for both of them. They have been living together for the past 14 months, but had never discussed children. Damia, who is 23 years of age, is in her second year of an Nursing degree at university, while Thomas, 24, has just finished a carpentry apprenticeship. In addition to studying full time, Damia works as a waitress in a cafe in the weekends. As an apprentice, Thomas was paid a small salary. He has been offered a job working for a construction firm which will mean a significant pay increase. They rent a one bedroom apartment, and don’t have much money left over at the end of the week after paying the bills. Apart from her older brother who lives in Perth, Damia’s family are all in Malaysia. However, they get on very well with Thomas’s Mum and Dad who live in Geraldton and his two sisters and their partners who all live in Perth. All family members are very supportive of their relationship and the pregnancy.


Damia and Thomas get on really well together. They share a love of Malaysian food and they’re both into health and fitness; they go to the gym regularly together and ride their bikes to university/work as well as for recreation. They have often talked about their love for one-another and their plans for a long-term relationship that will include marriage. Their love is the reason why they decided to continue with the pregnancy. It’s sooner than expected, but they are looking forward to being parents together. Damia is now 32 weeks into the pregnancy. She sees her GP regularly and attends the local obstetric hospital for antenatal care and classes that began at 18 weeks. Thomas has attended some of the classes with her, although he has commented that there was not much information directly relevant to him as a prospective father. Thus far, Damia is healthy and the pregnancy is progressing well. There are no complications, other than tiredness and relatively minor issues, such as haemorrhoids and back pain, associated with the size of the growing fetus. Damia is planning to take a year-long break from study, and finish work in four weeks, prior to the birth of their baby. She is increasingly anxious about their financial situation when she stops work. Thomas has reassured her that they’ll manage okay when the baby’s born as he will soon have a fully-paid job.        


With reference to Life Course and Attachment theories, explain the importance of Damia and Thomas’s stable relationship for their health and well-being across the life course





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