Maintaining relationships with other countries is need for many countries, but china as always try to perform the activities which they found are better from their perspectives instead of the perspectives helpful to all of the world economies, especially if we talk about USA, Europe and Africa. China has its own influence all over the world and deriving the world economies on large which helps it to become one of the best growing economies in the world. China economic influence is strongly growing and the roots are very hard and it is giving a high tension on USA, Europe and Africa, china has manpower which is working on low money scale and tries to provide the services which will be offered in very less amount. This makes china to be ahead from many other economies and it is also creating tension on USA and Europe. The effect is so large that china has constantly increasing its military base and the growth its showing in military is so large in last few years that none other countries has witnessed it. It is definitely helping china to put pressure on other world large economies and showcase their power.

US-China Relationships has gone through many hard terms from many times, the terms are ranged from Containment, Rapprochement and now it’s Full Diplomatic Relations. Maintaining relations is not an easy task and that too with communist country, where there is full dictatorship and the world becomes hard to understand this.

In china, people are not that liberal to talk about the perspectives of government and that even hurts the overall system, because people may not talk and have to accept the current scenarios going on. With the penetration of China’s material all over the world, china has grown many folds as compared to other regions of the world, and now a day’s china has high support for many big organization and this is what making it a highly attractive attraction, as on the china economy is increasing, US, Europe and Africa is in fear and that too because the work their nation people are doing is getting down and china is constantly increasing, this way further the economy of such big countries will get affected and they have to look for work around. Also, china always talks with any other country on their terms instead of having the common understanding and deliveries with them.

Perception of China towards World is somewhat different from perspectives of USA, Europe and Africa, which has very large impact in future as they tend to grow on higher rate than their counterparts.

China’s military growth is growing steadily from last 10-15 years and the growth is almost double that of other countries such as USA and Europe have for their military. China also has dependency from USA, Europe and Africa for their work they generate from this big economies and they need supply of materials which is not available anywhere.

China’s resources need is constantly increasing as the growth of its economy is getting big boost, impact of such things are always very bad and that too for the whole country perspective. China resources need will hamper USA, Europe and Africa and they will definitely target china to get in talks for many political and military influences by putting pressure on China, if China doesn’t reply or try to withstand that pressure than the China will not survive much and the war will be open.

China’s weapon power, nuclear power and many other such hands are very hard to understand by many developed countries like USA and Europe, and this will always make these countries to be ready with steps if some economic fears arise. Current relationships of china with other countries are stable till now and its dependency is on many countries. But if china communism is not improved than the relationship in future will have bad affects on all over the world economies, as this political influence is not supported much now days.

From my perspective china will not put down his weapons and try its best to put the economy always on the fast track with their military base to be large from ever. Cooperate with china is a difficult task as it’s not easy for other countries to maintain secure and safe relation with a country where the country is run by communist people. Communism has very different meaning for running a country and it’s always difficult to maintain and keep strong relations with such countries.



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